YR - Maanelyst (EP)
YR - Maanelyst (EP)

YR - Maanelyst (EP)

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The awaited debut EP from YR - "Maanelyst" on CD!!

In 2021, the seeds were sown for what was to become a new odyssey in the realm of Norwegian black metal, marking the inception of YR, a fresh and fierce consortium emerging from the cold darkness of Oslo. The journey reached a crescendo in 2023 when Nekrosis and Doedsskaldr teamed and began work with the upcoming first EP "Maanelyst" - crafted with fervor by their combined genius the music and lyrics echo the inner turmoil of human duality, from the frenetic pace of blast-beats to the deliberate rhythms of black'n'roll.

For fans of Taake, Gorgoroth and Gaahls Wyrd

Release Year: 2024
Label: Hellstain Productions