:Bolverk: - Svarte Sekunder (CD)

:Bolverk: - Svarte Sekunder (CD)

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Just one year after their great debut "Uaar", :BOLVERK: hits us again with their second album "Svarte Sekunder". The majority of the songs for both albums were written during the same period, so fans of their debut will definitely also enjoy the second album.

:BOLVERK:'s melodic and ferocious music challenges the boundaries of extreme metal, and the core of the album's expression is warlike, powerful and somewhat progressive black/death, which are also welded with elements of trad and folk metal. All in all :BOLVERK:'s metal is not something you pigeonhole, but nonetheless "Svarte Sekunder" is a work of dark art that any black metal fan can appreciate the quality of!

:BOLVERK: is a young EXTREME NORWEGIAN METAL band born in 2020, but with experienced members that have roots from among others Images at Twilight, Illnath, Aasmegin Darkness, Mork, Ragnarok, "Svarte Sekunder" explores the concept of thanatosis, which involves people and animals feigning death, and it brings you the same melody, poetry, brutality, tight compositions and a solid and down-to-earth attitude as their debut. 

Release year: 2023
Label: Wormholedeath