Demonic Temple - Incrementum (LP)

Demonic Temple - Incrementum (LP)

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The second album from Polish Demonic Temple leads the band into a new dynamic sound expansive direction. "Incrementum” is a grim journey through dark passageways with songs that transform you through occult alchemy in the form of Esoteric Black Metal. "Incrementum” submerges the listener into a cold ethereal landscape leading ultimately to illumination. 

For those who worship at the altar of... MGLA, Deathspell Omega, Kriegsmachine, Cult of Fire, Odraza, Drukdh...

1. Mystical Wind (Black Light)
2. Sanctus Ignis
3. Hymn To Pan
4. Manifest of Lightning Souls
5. Devotion for the Serpent Glory
6. Transformation Path

Release Year: 2018 
Label: New Era Productions in alliance with Putrid Cult