Helheim - Fenris (Cassette)
Helheim - Fenris (Cassette)

Helheim - Fenris (Cassette)

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The re-release of the classic Helheim - Fenris deluxe special edition cassette is dedicated to the memory of vocalist on the album Jon A. Bjerk (03.04.1975 - 24.12.2004, R.I.P.)

Helheim formed in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1992. The band consisted of Jon (Vocals), Zorn (Bass, Guitars, Drum programming) and Zeb (Drum programming, Samples, Keyboards). The trio recorded 2 demos before releasing their last work, Fenris MCD, in 1996. Their style was industrialized black metal with distorted vocals, drum-machine and the appropriate amount of synths, while lyrically they were influenced by paganism, occultism and mythology. The band often called themselves The Helheim Society in order to avoid confusion

The cult 1996 industrial black metal masterpiece re-issued, including the 1994 “Helheim” and 1995 “Walpurgisnatt” demo’s!
Features liner notes by Kristian “Zorn” Kjelsberg along with the original cover art!

Release Year: 2023
Label: Soulseller Records