Myronath - Djevelkraft (CD)

Myronath - Djevelkraft (CD)

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Djevelkraft is the second album from Myronath, continuing where "Into the Qliphoth" left off, Myronath has raised the bar and revealed their new masterpiece of blasphemy - a must have for fans of Swedish black metal titans such as Dark Funeral, Necrophobic and Dissection.

The intense ritualistic atmosphere and dark melodic passages of this highly professional black metal album is surpassed only by the beautiful Grave Hag adorning its cover.

Djevelkraft is a full hour opus across 11 tracks, recorded at Endarker Studio under the hands of Devo Andersson (ex Marduk), and featuring guest vocalist Jontho Panthera of Ragnarok on the track "Till Aska".

"Melodic Black Metal with plenty of drive, tempo-changes and active guitarwork, and great production that builds atmosphere"
- Sweden Rock Magazine

"Most people with a love for Swedish Black Metal will find a lot of wonderful rhythmic blasphemies on this album, and in that sense it is an easy recommendation"
- Scream Magazine

"An amazing work and a worthy successor to the debut album. A must-hear for fans of black metal with a penchant for the occult"
- Ammo

"It's grandiose, it’s a bit pompous and it's damn well assembled!"
- Metalized Magazine

Release year: 2021
Label: Hellstain Productions