Nyrst - Orsök (Blue/Black Marble Vinyl)
Nyrst - Orsök (Blue/Black Marble Vinyl)

Nyrst - Orsök (Blue/Black Marble Vinyl)

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From the depth of Reykjavik in Iceland emerges NYRST with its blackened creation "ORSÖK", an album that pays homage to the band's grim and icy Icelandic heritage.

With "ORSÖK", NYRST, which means "northernmost" in Icelandic, holds true to its name by delivering a debut album filled with a soundscape that is incredibly cold, stark and barren, whilst the lyrics come straight from old horror literature and are laced with cosmic undertones.

Formed in the winter of 2013, NYRST released their first demo in 2016. The demo garnered praise for the band’s use of diverse vocals and chilling atmosphere, whilst NYRST’s mystical and haunting stage performances have gained them respect as a live band in the metal scene, confirmed with their magnificent show on Inferno Festival in Norway 2022.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Dark Essence