Ulvhedner - Fjosmetall (LP)
Ulvhedner - Fjosmetall (LP)

Ulvhedner - Fjosmetall (LP)

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Hellstain Productions proudly presents Ulvhedner's 30 year anniversary album, Fjosmetall! The title marks having played True Norwegian Fjosmetall exclusively since 1993.

"Fjosmetall" picks up where the previous album "Legd" let off, only this time Svein Terje was not a solo composer, but the conductor of a complete Ulvhedner lineup, giving the album a whole new dimension. Drawing on the bold energy of their previous work, this record invites you to explore seven inspiring black metal songs that respectfully pay tribute to Norway's historical mountain farmers and workers that built the country. 

Bjørnar now provides all lead vocals, Svein Terje backs him up, and Østen Bergøy (Tristania) offers guest vocals for "Ned i Nordvest". Helbiyon's cover art captures a dystopian version of Sauda's local fjord, making the perfect backdrop for this work of dark art!

This black vinyl release is limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Release Year: 2023
Label: Hellstain Productions