Weh - En Natt Kom Doed (CD)

Weh - En Natt Kom Doed (CD)

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Experience the thrill of challenging yourself with Weh's dark acoustic neofolk from Norway! "En Natt Kom Doed" revels in crisp, brittle music that commands and mesmerizes as you traverse through mythic references and complex emotions. Soar with the plain sung vocals and acoustic guitar as delicate yet intense spirit-stirring moments wash over you. Unearth a bold and daring soundscape unlike any other and be moved by a sombre yet breathtaking journey. Pure neofolk; no metal, no rock!

Conjuring dark-acoustic soundscapes with clear, sacral vocals similar to Finnish TENHI, but also for fans of dark wave and gothic bands like DEATH IN JUNE, PRINTED AT BISMARCK'S DEATH or their offshoot THE TORS OF DARTMOOR and contemporary German neofolk artists like Orplid and Forseti.

From the artist also behind ENE; Erik E. we bring you WehStep into the quiet, its closer to you than you think and twice as beautiful.

Release year: 2012
Label: Soulseller Records